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Fig. 30,1) Cave Basura of Toirano, Savona, Italy.
Photo of a passage of the cave. After the discovery, steps have been made, in how much the way of the cave alternates ascents and descents.
This cave maintains many traces of man who has visited it: prints calcified of feet and hands; small sculptures carryed in cave; littles ball of clay attacked to the wall by the man; carbonic traces of the torchs.
In this cave the bears went in lethargy, and beyond great amounts of bear boneses, there are also its prints calcified with those human.
It is said that the man went in cave to hunting the bear, but not are traces of boneses broken off by man.
When the cave has been discovered, the prints calcified of the feet have been attributed to Neanderthal Man. Recently, these prints have been attributed to Homo sapiens sapiens, the modern Man of upper Paleolithic. In our opinion, the prints of modern Man concerns a last visit, in how much previously the cave has been visited by Neanderthal Man, like testifyed from some of the five small sculptures found in the cave. (see Figg. 5,30 - 5.31 - 5,34 - 5,35 - 7,8).
These five small sculptures, that stay in the palm of a hand, have been made probably outside the cave, and then carryed to the bottom of the cave, where the bears went in lethargy, and where have been thrown little balls of clay. (Fig.30,2). These rituals, probably were made once a year, and when the bears were not in lethargy, that is when cave was free.
(from Bernardini, cited)

Fig. 30,2) Cave Basura of Toirano, Savona, Italy.
Wall at the bottom of the cave, where little balls of clay are looked at, kept from the ground and thrown on the wall, and at present calcified.
This action has been interpreted like a ritual of cult, joinede to an other ritual, to carry small sculptures in cave.

Fig. 30,3) Cave Basura of Toirano, Savona, Italy.
Carbonic traces of torchs left by a man during the way in cave for rituals of cult




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