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Fig. 4.32) Rock sculptures. They represent two large human heads. The head on the right has look in ahead, the head on the left has look towards the sky. This group is said " the great couple of Tiglieto ".
Size: height beyond mt. 5.
Place: Tiglieto, Genoa, Italy (Under the road at the border with Province of Savona). This is a 1969 photography ; currently the sculptures are covered from a forest of pines.
Material civilization: Mousterian or upper Paleolithc.
The man on the right seems followed by the another man. Perhaps they are a male and a female; in such case, it could be the first Paleolithic representation of the couple male and female. This coupling has plain verifications in post-paleolitic religions. The shoulders are pointed out, like are looked at in the drawing. The represented human types have characters near Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

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Fig. 4.34) Rock sculpture. It represents a gigantic human head in frontal view .
Size only of the face, and not of the cliff: Height mt. 7 approximately and widht mt. 4. The cliff on the head could be a hat.
Place: Rocche di Borzone, Borzonasca, Genoa, Italy. (Altitude mt. 500 approximately).
Material culture: Mousterian or upper Paleolithc
The sculpture, from the valley dwellers, is called the " megalithic Face of Borzone ". It must be visited in winter, when the trees do not have the leaves. A study on this sculpture is published on Paleolithic Art Magazine: " The megalithic face of Borzone ", P.Gaietto, 2000.

Fig. 4,43) The Whangape Colossus, rock sculpture.
It represents a human head ( see drawing under the photo ).
Size of the head: height mt.7.
Collocation: Whangape, Hokianga, New Zealand.
Material culture: Upper Paleolithic.
Photo: R.Buchanan
A study about this sculpture is published on Paleolithic Art Magazine: "The Whangape Colossus of the New Zealand attributed to the upper Paleolithic", by P.Gaietto, 2002




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