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The writing begins from two-dimensional art, as if by hypothesis the art was not there, maybe there would not be writing.
Writing, by an evolutionary point of view, can be considered an invention "on rate". In fact, it is a different set of inventions in time and space, which have evolved more times, each on the previous, reaching the current writings.
And some of them are extinct over time, as also for various species of animals and plants, of which we have found the fossilized remains.
The writing begins with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and geometric "symbols" (pictures), already present in two-dimensional art, although with different styles.
In art, the depiction of scenes of war, hunting, ritual dance and so on can be considered a narrative of events, a function like that in writing, when the description is the narration.
Western writing has evolved further in the alphabet, while the current Chinese writing is formed by ideograms, which have evolved over time.
There are many other writings.
The writing, at any time, had styles of beauty as the art, and even today's types have different forms, i.e. different types of beauty.
For further documentation on the main ancient writings, refer to a good encyclopedia.




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