The book by Pietro Gaietto, PHYLOGENESIS OF BEAUTY, Unified theory of evolution, has been translated into English, in a new revised and enhanced edition, 379 pages with 1165 photos and drawings colored and black and white.

Phylogenesis of beauty by Pietro Gaietto is a scientific work about the origins and evolution of beauty, from the beginning of the world to the present days. Until now, beauty has never been the subject of scientific study, nor has its evolution.

Considering that man, from a zoological point of view, is an animal (an anthropoid ape), Gaietto has integrated human products, including art, into the general evolution of Beauty in nature, observing that man's object follow the same rules of evolutionary transformation as in organic and inorganic physical forms. Gaietto offers an elegant insight about the organization of the universe.

Gaietto's hypothesis on the transformation of Beauty concerns all the kingdoms of nature as they appeared in chronological order from the early geological eras and as discovered by geologists, paleontologists, and palethnologists.

Gaietto unifies the background view of the forms of evolution by clarifying how all the variations of nature and human objects occurred. The basic forms which appear in all things are introduced and explained to the reader.

The book's scientific analysis of Beauty in human artifacts excludes any issue of quality, even if it exists, as well as the idea of ugliness, because man intentionally produces only beautiful things.

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